Andrew Fodor Personal Papers

Andrew Fodor was born in 1904 to John S. and Clara Fodor. He spent most of his early life in Connecticut farming. On September 18, 1929, Fodor received his diploma from Sweeney Aviation School in Kansas City, Missouri in Mechanical and Flying. In 1928 Alfred Fefelle founded the Mutual Aircraft Service in Kansas City and was looking for investors. Fodor decided to become one of the primary investors in Mutual Aircraft, along with his brothers. Mutual produced only one airplane, The Blackbird designed by Frank Bellanca. Unfortunately, the depression hit and Mutual Aircraft Service went bankrupt. The Blackbird crash landed on Fodor's farm in 1931 and was placed in a barn until it was discovered in 1995. Fodor's descendants donated the airplane to the San Diego Aerospace Museum, where it was restored. Andrew Fodor died August 7, 1951 in Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut.

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