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Apollo Service Module (mock-up)

The Apollo spacecraft had two million working parts. It was so complex that it was designed system by system, each one integrated into the whole. The Apollo spacecraft was blasted into space atop a Saturn V rocket, itself monstrous in every detail.


B-24D Liberator “The Eager Beaver” (1/4 Scale)

Built by Consolidated Aircraft in San Diego and delivered to the US Army in 1941, The Eager Beaver was ferried overseas via Hawaii to Australia and assigned to the 5th Air Force, 90th Bombardment Group, 320 Bombardment Squadron. It was there that it was given its nickname “The Eager Beaver” and adorned with the group’s “Skull and Crossed Bombs” motif on the vertical stabilizers.


Beachey Little Looper (reproduction)

The Beachey-Eaton Biplane, known as the Little Looper, was built in Chicago in 1914. The airplane appeared to be a smaller version of the Curtiss Model D Headless biplane, but it differed in many significant ways. It was designed and built to be an aerobatic biplane and was stronger, faster, and more agile than its larger Curtiss Model D Headless cousin.


Bell AH-1E Cobra Helicopter

The AH-1 Cobra or Huey Cobra was the first helicopter to be produced specifically as an attack aircraft for the U.S. Army. The Bell UH-1 Huey utility helicopter was used in the Vietnam conflict for only a few years before heavily armed escort and light attack versions were needed.


Bell X-1 (mock-up)

The Bell X-1 (originally the XS-1) was a joint NACA-U.S. Army Air Forces, secret supersonic research project built by Bell Aircraft. Conceived in 1944 and designed and built in 1945, it was the first aircraft to intentionally exceed the speed of sound in controlled, level flight. The aircraft conceptually was a “bullet with wings,” shaped to resemble a .50 caliber machine gun bullet (a projectile known to be stable at supersonic speeds.)


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