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"Climb Aboard, Fasten Your Seatbelt, and Set Your Sights on the Flight of Your Life"

The Taildragger Radio program is hosted by Dave Stall and is dedicated to the Aviation Community of San Diego. The goal is to serve the aviation community for the educational purpose of preserving aviation heritage and promoting aviation to new generations. Topics cover past, present and future items of interest to the aviation community and the general public, from those merely curious about aviation, to seasoned aviation professionals and veterans.

Dave Stall is a 30-year car industry professional and well known radio host of the So. Cal Off Road Radio show on KCBQ 1170 AM. Dave's experience aboard a Warbird at the "Wings over Gillespie" Air Show in 2010 inspired him to develop the new Taildragger Radio program. Currently, he writes for the North County Times, the East Californian and also does a consumer and road test show on KUSI News. He also hosts a car club show on the Internet.

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