The Science of...Aliens has landed

The Science of...Aliens at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Follow us on a journey through the real science of alien life and into the furthest reaches of your imagination. Get up-close and personal with some classic science fiction films and props, then come face-to-face with the weird creatures that inhabit Earth, before exploring far-flung planets and stars.

Enter the 'Alien Worlds' of leading scientists and meet the aliens they have imagined in a unique hands-on environment. And before you leave, compose your own personal message to an alien.

The Science of... Aliens comprises four exciting sections, each giving a different insight into the subject of extraterrestrial life.

Alien Fiction
Frightened but intrigued by aliens? Why's that? Are they a new threat from another world or have we simply given our oldest and darkest fears and desires a make-over? Come and meet the science fiction classics, from bodysnatchers and bogeymen to the biggest baddies on the screen. But be careful...they bite!

Alien Science
Alien-looking creatures are living right here on Earth - you just have to know where to find them. We've searched the deepest oceans and the furthest corners of the Earth to find the strangest forms of life on our planet. Find out what science can tell us about the worlds that lie beyond the stars.

Alien Worlds
See how some of the world's brightest and best scientific minds imagine life on alien worlds. From flying whales to worlds locked into eternal night, you'll soon discover why science fact can be more thrilling - and even more bizarre - than science fiction.

Alien Communication
Are aliens trying to talk to us? Are we about to receive the most important call in human history? Check out Alien Communication, a chilled space for those who fancy a chat with extraterrestrials - or simply with like-minded individuals.

Educators, click here to download The Science of...Aliens Education Guide (PDF).

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