Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Induction Celebration - Saturday November 17th

Hall of Fame Induction Celebration - Saturday November 17th


Join us as we honor the accomplishments of famed air and space pioneers. They are some of the world’s most significant aviation pilots, crew members, visionaries, inventors, aerospace engineers, businessmen, designers, spokesmen and space pioneers. They highlight the importance of technology and innovation. Our Hall of Fame represents San Diego’s commemoration of those, who throughout history and around the world have made a significant difference and whose contributions are worthy of special recognition.

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Class of 2012:

Meet these legends of air and space for an evening of extraordinary recognition and fun, as you're provided a personally experiential peek into each honoree's life.

Apollo 9
Apollo 9

Apollo 9 (James McDivitt,  Russell “Rusty” Schweickart, David Scott) was one of the most important missions in the entire space program. A critical precursor for the Apollo 11 moon landing, Apollo 9 perfected docking and rendezvous procedures, was the first manned test of the fragile lunar landing vehicle, and tested the space suits that would be worn on the moon. Apollo 9’s command module, “Gumdrop,” is proudly displayed in the Museum’s rotunda.


Marine Corps Aviation (100th Anniversary)

In 2012, the United States Marine Corps celebrates its 100 years of aviation.  Beginning with Alfred A. Cunningham’s first flight as a Marine aviator in 1912, to the tilt-rotor technology of the MV-22B Osprey, Marine Corps aviation has continued to revolutionize its support of ground forces in modern-day warfare.  Accepting on behalf of the Marine Corps is LtGen Robert E. Schmidle, Jr., Deputy Commandant for Aviation.


Barron Hilton
Barron Hilton

Known as “The Patron Saint of Sport Aviation,” Barron Hilton’s first love was flying. An avid pilot, he went on to pioneer the aircraft leasing business. His renowned Flying M Ranch hosts the world’s largest sailplane competition. He has invested in and inspired youth aviation camps, ballooning challenges, and in innumerable other ways, has been an incredible supporter of aviation and space innovations.


NASA’s Space Shuttle (30 Years of Shuttle)
Space Shuttle
From its origins in the late 1970s to its final flight in 2011, the shuttle proved to be the longest lasting and most versatile of all America’s human space programs. A radical concept, NASA would build a fleet of enormous winged vehicles that could each be used hundreds of times. Operating on the very edge of the possible, the shuttle would face technological challenges, but would also accomplish more objectives than any other space program in history. Accepting on behalf of NASA are Dave Radzanowski (NASA Chief of Staff) and John P. Shannon (Shuttle Program Manager).


Dan McKinnon
Dan McKinnon 

As the last Chairman of the Civil Aeronautics Board, Dan McKinnon oversaw the deregulation of the airline industry from 1981 to 1984. He served as a naval aviator and rescue pilot, authoring books about his experiences. With family roots in San Diego, Dan fostered newspapers and a local country radio station to success. He is the president and founder of North American Airlines.


Dr. S. Harry Robertson, III
Harry Robertson 

As a USAF pilot, Harry Robertson was assigned the task of investigating fatal, post air crash fires. By 1970, he had successfully developed the first crashworthy fuel system which was eventually adopted for use by all the armed services. Today, Crashworthy Robertson Fuel Systems are affectionately known as “Robbie Tanks” and are credited for saving thousands of lives in civilian and military aircraft and ground vehicles.


Ray Wagner
Ray Wagner 

Ray Wagner was a well-known expert in the field of aviation history. He was a founder and vice-president of the American Aviation Historical Society, a board member of the International Aerospace Hall of Fame, and author of numerous aviation publications. Ray served as the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Head archivist for 16 years.


Bob Wilson
Robert Wilson 

Bob Wilson is the founder and president of Wilson Air Center, an award winning fixed base operation company with four locations in the United States. He served in the Tennessee Air National Guard for thirty years, retiring as Operations Group Commander.  Bob has received several awards for his career in aviation and was inducted into the Tennessee Aviation
Hall of Fame in November 2006.


Time: 5:30 pm - VIP (meet the honorees) Reception
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Attire: Black tie optional

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VIP Reception and Dinner (Per Seat) - $375
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Reception and Dinner (Table of 10) - $2750

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For partnership and additional information please contact Becky Conrad at 619.234.8291 x102 or email her at bconrad@sdasm.org.


The San Diego Air & Space Museum is also proud to host a special 40th Anniversary Celebration of Apollo 17 on December 1, 2012. Guests who register for the Legends of Flight 2012 Induction Ceremony will receive a special price when they sign up for the Apollo 17 event. Please stand by for additional information.

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