Attention All Cooks! We Need Your Recipes

Suprised by Smokeless Ham? We aren't!

The Library & Archives is pleased to announce our newest publication/fundraiser.  We are writing a San Diego Air & Space Museum Cookbook! That’s right, a cookbook! Now you may be wondering what do two Archivist, a Librarian, and a Reasarch Assistant know about cooking? That’s where you, our patrons, volunteers, and donors come in.

We want your favorite recipes to be included in the cookbook. From great grandma’s chicken to uncle Bob’s beer battered fish ‘n chips, we want them all. Dishes can be aviation themed or not. You’re the boss. The publisher we are using has made it very easy for us and you to upload recipes online to be included.

Just go to

Type in your name and our group login in name: sdasm_cooking and our group password: sdasmyum

We thank you in advanced for the recipes that will help us make SDASM’s Cookbook a successful endeavor!

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