This week in SPEED: Ack Attack

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is bringing “Speed” to San Diego throughout 2018 with its SPEED: Science in Motion special exhibition. Each month features a new theme, with “Land-Speed Record-Holders” kicking off in February. We’re featuring a new vehicle in this blog each Wednesday. Today its “Ack Attack,” a uniquely constructed land-speed record streamliner motorcycle, which holds the record for world's fastest motorcycle with an average speed of 376.363 mph.

Ack Attack's bullet-shaped chassis is made from chromoly tubing. Two 1299c Suzuki Hayabusa motors power and are combined and transferred to the rear wheel by water cooled chains.

The Ack Attack system controls lets the team know how much up or down force is present in each wheel and it also measures front and rear wheel speed for calculating tire slippage, engine rpm, and suspension position at front and rear.

The cockpit has conventional controls: right side throttle, left side nitrogen assisted clutch, and shifting by foot or air. The brake hand lever is on the right and operates the high-speed parachute and low speed parachute, the foot brake is on the left.

There are two distinct chutes in the Ack Attack machine. A high-speed type that deploys at 330 mph and above which provides 1.3Gs of force and a larger low speed chute used in case of emergency. Both chutes deploy automatically if the bike tips more than 45 degrees.

In 2006 Rocky Robinson broke the FIM world motorcycle land-speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats during the BUB motorcycle meet. The motorcycle reached a speed of 342.797 mph, which was 20 mph faster than the previous record that had stood for over 16 years. However, two days later BUB Lucky 7 streamliner, at 350 mph, broke the record. Ack Attack made numerous runs during the meet, reaching 349 mph, but was not able to exceed the new record

In 2008, Ack Attack was back at Bonneville at the Mike Cook Land Speed Shootout with Rocky Robinson at the controls. Ack Attack broke the motorcycle land-speed record for the second time and the new world-record mark was set at 360.913.

In 2010, Ack Attack, for the third time in four years, set a new world record at Bonneville with an average speed of 376.363 mph with Rocky Robinson in the rider’s seat again.

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